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Campus Visits

For the past decade, I have been visiting colleges and universities around the country and abroad to lecture, offer workshops, and teach undergraduate classes as a guest instructor. Campuses I have visited in recent years include Amherst College, Appalachian State University, Cornell University, Colby College, Georgetown University, Hamilton College, Marquette University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim), Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh), Santa Clara University, University of Missouri,  University of North Carolina Asheville, and Xavier University.

Each of these campus visits lasts one to three days and includes one or more of the following activities:

  • A campus wide lecture: Recent topics include “Always On? Exploring Student Attitudes toward Information Technology,” “Mindful Tech: How We Can Learn to Use Digital Technologies More Effectively and with Less Stress,” and “No Time to Think! Technology, Balance, and Academic Life.”
  • A workshop on Information and Contemplation for faculty and staff: Drawing from material developed for my course on Information and Contemplation and the subsequent book, Mindful Tech, these workshops introduce participants to simple contemplative practices and explore how information practices, such as email, can be performed in more mindful and less stressful ways.
  • Guest lecturing in one or more undergraduate classes: As noted here, I welcome the opportunity to lead undergraduates in a discussion of their relationship to the digital tools and practices that so powerfully shape their lives.

I welcome invitations to visit new campuses. Should you be interested in sponsoring a visit, please contact me at